Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it only Thursday?

Yea for fixed cars! As of today, my car has been at the mechanic's for exactly a WHOLE week. Due to circumstances...well, in our control...we are just now getting around to getting our registration, tags, and driver's licenses for the state of Texas. Don't judge me. So anyway, I'm going to go get my car inspected and there's a light on. And the guys at Autozone won't turn it off for me, which means I have to go to a mechanic. Fortunately, I found (God directed me to?) a really nice place close to our house. They drove me home and said they'd come get us when it was finished. Fast forward to 8 days later. :-) What was one problem became 2 problems and I let TJ take over from there. BUT, I got my car back last night and it drives soo great. Then I took it back this morning to be inspected and they fixed the air conditioning for free! (It was weak before they started fixing stuff, and then had totally quit when I got it back, so they fixed it!) The little boy was such a trooper this morning. We were there waiting for half an hour past his naptime and he was very tired. But he really didn't fuss much and I found 2 quarters in my pocket, so I entertained him by getting some peanut M&Ms from the fun machine. For me. :-)

So now we are home, he is sleeping, and as soon as he wakes up and eats we're off again to get my registration. I think I'll put off the DMV until tomorrow morning. The poor kid deserves to play with his toys sometime today. On the other hand, all this waiting in lobbies is making him very patient. Which is good, b/c he sure doesn't get that from me.

Tourist season at the Hood home starts tomorrow - my parents are flying in and we're so excited! My favorite part of people visiting is feeling like they get to see the little everyday moments that just can't make it to facebook. Funny expressions, the way he treats his saucer like a trampoline now. I'm telling you, every time I turn on the video camera he just stares at me and smiles. I tried to tell him I already got that shot. I think I'm also going to like having someone else entertain him if I want get something done. What I don't know, but at least the option is there.

Make reservations to visit sunny Fort Worth anytime from 7 am to 9 pm