Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, as my wonderful cousin points out, I have totally abandoned this blog, and it might be time to pick it back up again. There's been so much going on lately, I think there will probably be a few posts in a short amount of time to catch the blog up. :-) I think I'll do a series called "Suzanne's Reasons for Continuing My Blog". I like it.

Suzanne's Reasons for Continuing My Blog #1: New Baby

I'm so excited to be pregnant again! We had been trying for several months, and every month I had my period again I would get frustrated at God and then wonder if he was giving me a taste of what the friends I pray for have been going through. Then I would go through this silly cycle of "I'm so mad at you, life's not fair/Please don't be mad and make me wait longer because I have a bad attitude!" Sometimes I'm so ridiculous, I crack myself up.

How I knew I was pregnant (other than the obvious): I was in the kitchen, thinking I might be pregnant, so I deserved to eat as many of the BBQ potato chips as I wanted. Now, I can usually polish off at least half a bag of these chips before I realize I'm full, which is why we rarely buy them. So I open the bag, eat about five chips, and then decide I'm really not that hungry for chips. I'm hungry for... vegetables? So I get out the frozen veggies, and I'm watching them boil and it dawns on me that I'm either crazy, or I'm pregnant. I also noticed that my chest was getting bigger, and as God has never answered that prayer without including a pregnancy, I decided I was most definitely pregnant. (I sincerely hope no men read this blog. I apologize if there are.)

I will say that the nausea with this one hasn't been so fun. It's not that is unbearable, or that I'm even sick all the time, it just will randomly hit me. So I'm just telling myself the other horror stories I've heard about women who were throwing up all 9 months and needed to go the hospital to get hydrated. I'm really glad that I'm a stay-at-home mom and can take a nap when Siah does. That has made life a lot easier. I have taught Siah that there's a baby in my belly, and he likes to pull my shirt up and say "hi baby!" then he pulls it back down and says, "Ni-night baby!" I'm just hoping he doesn't think I ate a baby. Mostly because he doesn't seem phased at all, and if he's ok with me eating babies, we have a parenting problem.

Life has definitely been more interesting in the last 2 weeks. Siah seems to have gotten into the "terrible two's" full swing. I hate calling them that, because he's not terrible, just two. And crazy. Yesterday we were riding in my new car (yay!) with Aunt Julia and all of the sudden from the backseat we keep hearing "Siah, NO. Siah, NO. Siah, NO." It was hilarious, but I felt terrible! Why can't he parrot "I love you"? On top of that, the day before he had gotten down one of his books, and as he turned each page he said, "I said No. I said No. I said No... The end!" We're just at that age of pushing boundaries, I guess. So I'm trying to watch my tone, as I can't stop saying no when he's misbehaving. But I can try not to yell, or be super-impatient or snappy.

Well, I'm sure there will be a lot more interesting (hopefully) stories to tell throughout this pregnancy. For one, I haven't been to jazzercize for the last 3 weeks because I didn't have a car when the Aztek finally died, then because when I did have an opportunity to go, I felt sick. So I'm going to try to go tomorrow morning before my women's small group. It should be interesting. I'm anticipating needing to stand and just march in the back at some point. :-)