Thursday, November 18, 2010


My hormones feel totally out of control. And I come from a woman who believes you shouldn't ever use hormones as an excuse for bad behavior, but thank goodness I have a sister going into the nursing program to tell me I'm not crazy - just pregnant. :-) Just this morning, for example, I felt the urge to cuss out my phone when the rubber case caught on my hair and pulled one out. Both today and yesterday I felt alternating urges to cry or scream out of frustration when things didn't go my way, or when Siah misbehaved. Because he is 2. Which he cannot help. By 8:15 last night I was pouting and wanted to go hide in my room. It's pitiful.
Another example of the super-fun hormonal surges I've been experiencing has come in listening to the radio. I'm one of those christian radio snobs who doesn't like to listen to K-LOVE because it's too soft and sappy. Do we really need to listen to "I Can Only Imagine" or "Butterfly Kisses" one more time? Hasn't that train left forever? But lately even listening to some of the songs on Air1 has me tearing up. I'm starting to cry in my car listening to the "There Goes A Hero" song, sobbing to myself, "Jesus really is a hero." Then I'm laughing at myself. Don't get me wrong, I kind of like this. I don't want the salvation story to get stagnant, and I kind of like having a lot of emotion about it, because sometimes it's hard not to take it lightly when you've grown up in church. I just hope after this baby comes that I chill out a little bit. Because I'm feeling like a whack job right now.

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S said...

Oh, I will never forget how ridiculous I felt when I was pregnant with Ben. I cried at COMMERCIALS. Outrageously. And Butterfly Kisses? I hate that song with an everlasting hatred, but if I'm pregnant - tears, tears, and more tears. Don't worry, after birth, I have resumed all hatred of Butterfly Kisses.