Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I now invite you to join me in part two of our series,

Suzanne's Reasons For Continuing My Blog
#2 - Josiah

So today was NOT a fun Josiah day. Actually, it started out great. In fact, overall I've had an amazing day. There was some great news regarding the Cherished ministry (which I will divulge in SRFCMB Part 3: My Ministry), I had to go take my new ride to get the horn fixed - because road rage requires more than a verbal beatdown of stupid drivers - and they gave me the CUTEST Volvo coupe to drive until it's fixed. I hope it takes a long time. I might start finding things wrong with my car so I can drive all the cool cars they have on their lot. THEN, I went to go get my hair cut and colored, and found out at the end of it that someone had anonymously paid for it ahead of time!!! I totally cried as soon as I got back to the hottie car. Plus, I love getting my hair done because it's more fun Stephanie time. I went back to my parents' to hang out for a little bit, and Josiah was super-cute with his drumming, which Grandpa immediately put on facebook.

But then.
It was time for Josiah's checkup. Just a checkup, but I knew he was going to have to get some shots. Now, I made a key mistake going into this appointment. Maybe two. 1) I allowed them to schedule our appointment smack dab in the middle of naptime, thinking we could get through it no problem. Rookie mistake. 2) I underestimated the memory of a 2-year-old. Josiah was great when we got to the clinic, he flirted with the receptionists, watched all the kids in the waiting room, and even followed one little girl around the lobby for a little bit. Adorable. He even did ok in the exam room, until the nurse came in and started trying to mess with him. I'm convinced he remembered getting shots from a nurse, because he didn't want her anywhere NEAR him. He cried through every minor check she had to do, the worst being when he had to lay down to be measured (36 inches). I could not figure out what the problem was, and kept trying not to keep telling the nurse he was overdue for a nap, sounding like a mom desperate to not be misunderstood for having a difficult child. :-) I do not have a difficult child. But I'm sure they all say that. The one thing I can say is that I really like our doctor, and she is super-quick with the eye and ear checks. And the nurse was very understanding, and tried to do what she could to make Siah more comfortable, which was nothing. We ended up getting the flu vaccine, which we did with the nasal spray. I actually did that so he took it a little easier, but then we had the shot, and our first finger prick. Very sad. He kept screaming, "OW-WEE" and I felt so bad for him. Especially since after the finger prick we had to force what seemed like a liter of blood into this little tube. It took forever. But we lived, and God provided a book about trains, which made the extra five minutes we had to spend in the waiting room at the end go by quickly, and tearlessly.

Now Siah is taking a nap, and I am happily relaxing with the computer and some Nickelcreek.

And I did not vote.
I think I will not go to hell, and the country will be ok until I do next time.


ashleykimble said...

so glad to see you blogging again..I really need to start again too. I haven't since last January! Congrats on the pregnancy!

suzanne said...

I'm fairly certain that not voting is not a hell-worthy offense. It's possible. I could be wrong.