Monday, October 17, 2011

Ridiculous Weekend

Not a fan of the weekend we just had. Not. A. Fan. Somehow our family caught easily the nastiest stomach bug I've ever had in my life. First Josiah started vomiting Thursday night and that lasted all night until Friday morning around 4:30 am.

*Random note: I just had to turn off my music, because it's hard to relive a miserable weekend when you're listening to Marky Mark sing Good Vibrations.

Anyway, so Josiah got better and then at 7 am Saturday I started getting sick. I seriously felt ill everytime I straightened up, and just curled in a ball on the couch and let Josiah watch Scooby-Doo. But God took care of me, and I stopped getting sick around 12. After that it was just a matter of feeling extremely achy and exhausted. In the midst of this, Stella contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth which is basically a high fever and lots of painful blisters and you can't do a thing for them besides give them tylenol. My heart just broke for her, she cried and cried and all I could do was rock her. I was so thankful that my round of sickness was a little quicker so I could take care of her. Then TJ came home from work Saturday morning because he'd gotten sick. He probably took the longest to get better, but by late Sunday afternoon he was ready to eat again. Terri (my wonderful mother-in-law) actually drove out here to take care of us on Saturday night, and it was such a huge blessing. She went and picked up sick food (i.e. the BRAT diet and 7Up) and medicine and took care of Josiah, who was running around being crazy, as he felt fine.

This morning I took Stella to the doctor - she was supposed to be getting her 4 month vaccinations, but we put it off due to her fever. Dr. Zabo said she looks great, other than the HFMD. But Stella slept well last night and seems to be feeling a little better. It's so terrible when you can't do a thing for them and they just cry and want you to fix it.

But life is better now. Stella's on the mend, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought supplies for my latest project (3 tooth fairy pillows for some sweet girls) and can clean my house free of sickness. Time to turn on the Marky Mark.

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