Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cherished Outreach - November

Tonight was short, but very sweet.

Andi came with me again, and this month our gift to each girl was an individual pie-in-a-jar. They turned out pretty cute, and we wrapped them in ribbon and glued scrapbook paper to the lid with a note that said: "A(n) Cherry/Pumpkin/Apple Pie especially for you. We love you. Happy Thanksgiving".

I have to say I had a wonderful time making the pies with our associate pastor's wife, DeeAnn Miller. We baked together and then prayed over the women who would be receiving these gifts, and it was wonderful. I can't wait for next month's prep night to get together with more women to prepare and pray over gifts.

We walked in and chatted with the dj for a few minutes. I pushed him about all his promises to come to church sometime. I told him about going to three services, and he said a 12 service would be perfect for them. We'll see - keep praying for him. As I was talking to him, I spotted "C" who was in the hospital last month. I ran over and talked to her - she was a little stand-offish. She was perfectly friendly, but she's been warmer than that before. She said she's feeling much better. Apparently she had a heart attack, and heart disease runs in her family. She's feeling better but has to go back to the hospital weekly for tests to make sure she's ok. It hasn't affected her custody issues, which I was really praying for. I'm still praying for something to happen in her life that wrecks it and brings her to Jesus. While we were talking to her, 3 girls I didn't recognize came in, but when we went to the dressing room they weren't in there. I heard a few months ago that there were "new girls" that were having serious friction and physical fights with the "old girls" and that the "new girls" get dressed in the bathroom. But I didn't feel like we should chase them down. We chatted with a bartender in the dressing room for a few minutes about her Thanksgiving plans and then headed out. She's a sweetheart, and mentioned that she doesn't like the holidays but didn't elaborate or seem to want to go into it.

It was a good visit. Nothing monumental, but a sweet visit. Jesus, move in that place.

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