Monday, November 10, 2008

Our big sleepover!

Friday night we had all four of my cousins over for a sleepover! It was a lot of fun. TJ played Rummikub with the 3 girls (Laurel Ann, Lily and Lydia) while Luke and I watched Ice Age. We fixed dinner for them, watched movies, made popcorn and then in the morning we got up and TJ made everybody chocolate chip pancakes. :-) I love when he cooks! We want to have 3 or 4 kids eventually, but I think it's good that God made it so you (usually) work your way up to that level of fun and chaos. I loved being in a big family don't have the party, you are the party!

Church was awesome on Sunday. We actually made it on time this week, so we got a good parking spot before the parking guys were even out there and were sitting when the service started. Apparently the congregation is memorizing scripture together, so after announcements we all read the verses together, which I thought was pretty cool. Amazing the things you learn when you're not late. :-) Sunday school this week was a lot more comfortable, we were in a class with other couples who have been married for 5 years or less. There were about 30 there I think, and we met some really nice people at our table. The lesson was on theology, which was really interesting. I felt a little like I was back in bible college. It made me want to dust off some of my old books and relearn a few things. I didn't always pay close attention... :-) There was also a girl who overheard us asking the information guy where the class was, and she walked us to it and invited us to the small group that meets at her (and her husband's) house. I'm really excited about it, she seemed like someone I could be good friends with. I'm going to call her tonight, and we'll probably go the small group on Wednesday.

The little man is doing good, he's sleeping right now. We're counting down the days until Christmas vacation!

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Rebecca Powell said...

So glad to hear you're making friends!!! love and miss you so much!