Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shots and Coffee

It's not even noon, and already I'm worn out. This morning Josiah and I had his first doctor's appointment with his pediatrician here in Texas. We got there early, but as is bound to happen, by the time we got in to see the nurse Siah had just fallen asleep. So we had to wake him up to be measured and weighed, which he was not a fan of. :-) But he really started screaming after the nurse was done and we were waiting for Dr. Rhodes to come in, and then to top it all off, the poor kid had to get his first round of shots when Dr. Rhodes was done with him. One in the arm, and two in each leg. I felt so bad for him. He was already screaming, and then it just got worse each time the nurse stuck him. I almost started crying at the first shot, and then after that I just looked at the wall and told him it was almost over. On the upside, he got really cool blue camo band-aids. I was going to run some errands, but decided to just go home (because he was still crying). As I was pulling into our apartment complex, I realized he's fallen asleep. So I turned that car right around and drove to the nearest Starbucks to get myself some coffee. Because I deserved it. :-) Everyone there was really nice, thought he was beautiful, and one older gentleman talked to me while we waited for our coffees, and even went to get mine for me so I didn't have to get up from the table I was at. God is so great. Such a small gesture that meant so much to me. It makes me want to go out and find someone to do something for.

I almost forgot! Siah is 13 and 1/2 lbs, and 24 1/2 inches long. The doctor said he's in the 75th percentile in weight, which is about average, but he's in the 96th percentile for height, which I guess means he's tall for his age. TJ's excited, as he's hoping for a big tall linebacker. :-)

Tonight is small group! We didn't go last week because TJ had to work late. This week we're definitely going though, even if we have to be there late. It's the last meeting before everything goes on break for the holidays, but this will be the group we're a part of when small groups start up again in January, so we might as well go meet everyone. I'm really looking forward to it. I've already had 2 women email me the directions to the house we're meeting at, so I feel really welcome. Then tomorrow is the last week for the women's bible study I go to on Thursday mornings. That's been a big blessing. My group is mostly older women, and I just feel like there's so much I can learn from them. Not to mention they've been so welcoming and loving as well. I can't believe how God blessed us with such a great church after only 2 weeks of looking. I can only thank everyone who prayed for us. It really worked, and we feel so blessed.

Yesterday the new Call of Duty game found it's way to my house. So exciting. I'm a good wife though, sometimes I'll watch TJ play and cheer him on. Which is kind of messed up, b/c he's killing people. But they're terrorists, so he's making the world safe for his family. Plus his game came with a canteen, which I thought was fun. :-)

Well I think I'm recovered from this morning. It's time to be productive and get some house stuff done. Love you all!


ashleykimble said...

ha ha, Call of Duty somehow found its way to our house too...I had to laugh when I read that because I am too "watching" Chris kill terrorist;) Sounds like you had a busy day, I can remember when Peyton was so little and had to get stuck with those big needle:( so sad for baby and mommy...I'm enjoying your blog and so glad that you guys have been welcomed and feel at home in your new place. God is good!

lucyhannah said...

I'm glad your day got better! Coffee always tastes better after/during a stressful day. Miss ya!

erica said...

Shots are no fun :( So how are you enjoying being a mommy? It looks like so much fun. DId you enjoy your small group? I also love reading your blogs!