Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It was sooo cold today! We're having a couple over from our small group, (he is actually the leader) and I had to run to Walmart to get a few things, so we bundled up and then headed out. I forgot about how much different the wind out here is. The temperature can be ok, but then with a bad wind chill it takes your breath away. It's been a good day to be inside listening to Christmas music. (And cleaning like crazy.)

The Mavericks game on Saturday was so much fun! We left Josiah with my Aunt Leslie, and met up with everyone at church to carpool to the game. We had so much fun, the game was really good. They played the Oklahoma City Thunder and it was a close game all the way through. I have to admit my favorite part was the dessert cart though. :-) My friends Natalie and Pam and I all got a different dessert and then shared. I got the apple tart, Natalie got the s'more cake, and Pam got the m&m caramel apple and the turtle. We decided the caramel apple was the best. It was as big as my fist! Then on the way home we drove the route that Kennedy was on when he was shot. I saw the book depository and the grassy knoll, and we all talked about how LBJ did it. I love a good conspiracy. :-)

Only one more week until we're back in Kentucky! I can't wait to see everyone!

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ccnichols said...

Can't wait to see you all too !