Thursday, December 11, 2008

No long-arrgh pirates! (Sorry, I had to)

We're not pirates any more~when we moved into our apartment we discovered that someone around us hadn't secured their wireless internet, so being the friendly people that we are, we decided to help them share with us. (I have a feeling this is a lesson I will have to help my son un-learn when he gets a little older!) Then, last Friday, we discovered that the free internet was gone. So I have been facebook, email, and blog-less for the last 5 days! It's kind of sad, but I felt very disconnected without the internet. I thought with my phone, I'd be fine, but it really makes a difference. Then a wonderful guy named Kirk came in and hooked everything up, and I'm back online! He told me he was our cable guy and he would take care of us, and all I could think of were jokes from The Cable Guy (with Jim Carrey). Fortunately, I managed to keep those thoughts to myself and smile. :-)

This past weekend was so great, my sister came out to see me (with a friend who was visiting people in Texas). We had so much fun, mostly shopping, and it made me so excited to come home and visit our families. We love Texas, but we miss everybody. TJ was so sweet, he offered to watch the baby every time we wanted to go out, so I got to have fun and not worry about anything. He is extremely thoughtful. Although I'm sure he didn't mind getting to play Call of Duty as long as he wanted without any interruption from me. :-)

Church is still going really well, last week was the Christmas Cantata, and that was the first time we'd seen the symphony and choir. It was really really great, I felt like I was in a Christmas cd at times. They had one song where little kids came out and sang, and it was SO cute. There was one little boy on the end in a sweater vest with a huge afro, and I was cracking up. And then there was the little girl who was so excited, she sang even when it was just supposed to be the adults. That would have been me.

Ok, last exciting thing. We found out last night that one of the guys in our small group got a box for us to watch the Dallas Mavericks game on Saturday night! I can't wait, I've never been to a pro basketball game, and we get to be in a box! We're gonna go be mavericky and cheer for the Mavericks. :-)

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erica said...

i love your new blog layout :)
I'm so glad julia came to visit you! we love to take advantage of free wireless internet too, but we havent been able to in a long time. hehe. Jess, Your little family is adorable. I'm glad everything is settling in well. Hooray!