Monday, January 12, 2009

We Have Feet

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. Sorry! Writing a post usually ends up taking all day, because I sit down to write, get up to do something and end up forgetting about it until hours later. Or I get distracted changing the background. I have ADD about my blog background. I can't make up my mind. ANYWAY. Here we are.

Life is settling back down, this week my women's bible study started again, and I'm so thankful. I almost didn't go, because we were running late. (Okay, we weren't really late to start with, but I thought I had time to run to Starbucks, and there ended up being a line at the drive-through.) My thoughtful mother-in-law gave TJ and I Starbucks gift cards in our stockings, and I have been loving it! But fortunately I wasn't really late. Apparently they tell us that it starts at 9:45 to give us 15 minutes to chat before we get down to business. (Smart, huh?) So I got there in time for the beginning of the actual discussion part. I'm the young one in my group, and it's so great being in a study and hearing about experiences I'll have one day. I love getting advice and wisdom from women who have been through so much. It's the same reason we like our small group so much, there are couples of all ages, so everyone has a different perspective and the older couples have great advice and can relate to everything we're going through right now.

Josiah is doing great, he's discovered his feet in the last week and a half, which is a lot of fun. He can't quite reach them all the time though, so TJ helps him. :-) But when he's on his back he looks so funny, trying to get his feet up to his mouth. I can't believe how much more he's started doing. He loves his new saucer, and he pushes the music buttons like it's nothing. I remember being so excited when he did it the first time, and now it's constant. I foresee us removing batteries when he gets older and the noise isn't cute. :-) We're going back to the doctor on Monday, and I'm pretty nervous. Last time was NOT fun, and I don't think we're getting 5 shots again, but still. And now he's older, so I'm anticipating him giving me the look of betrayal. Honestly, that's the part I'm dreading. I'm going to look resolutely at the wall. So if you want, pray for me. :-) I know it will be fine, but probably a little stressful anyway. I remind myself that this is a very small problem compared to the ones we'll have when he's 17. Or 5, for that matter!

TJ is wonderful. He's so great with Josiah. As soon as he comes home, Josiah just watches everything he does. He stares at him forever, and I wonder if he already knows that he wants to be just like his Dad. It's great on the weekends, he sits with TJ and watches football while he sucks on his fist. He tells me work is going really well, he likes it a lot, and I know that the more he learns the more he enjoys it. A good day is one in which he got a lot done. I really hope our kids get their work ethic from him.

Speaking of which, it's time to move the laundry. :-)


Erika said...

Love your blog! He is getting so big, and he it just adorable!!! As for the shots, you might want to check out these sites. Let me know what you think. NO pressure, just want to make sure you've got all the info.

Anonymous said...

Jess, I love Josiah's shirt!
His age is so much fun..Everything is new and exciting for him!
Good luck with shots next week!
Love You guys!
Steph Liby

Rebecca Powell said...

I love the shirt as well! ;)
Hope you have a wonderful week with little man!