Friday, February 20, 2009

Down with the Sickness

Everyone thinks that Texas weather is so awesome. It's winter up there, you guys are stuck with ice and bitter cold. And I certainly am not sorry to be missing that. But this 72 one day and 40 the next is killing our immune systems. This week the Siah and I are sick again... with the same bad cold we had last time. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't keep us from fun stuff, like church. The nursery asks that you not bring a sick baby, which I totally get b/c I don't want people to bring sick babies when we're well. Fortunately we're almost done with it I think, and I had medicine to take right away. Last time I waited until it was really bad and then finally asked Siah's doctor what would be ok while nursing. Thank goodness for Sudafed!

I think we'll be better just in time for my parents to visit! I can't wait - they'll be here in exactly 2 weeks. The week before they get here I plan to do a complete overhaul of our house. It's going to be so clean and wonderful. Then it'll be nice for the rest of the visits we're anticipating. TJ's mom is coming a couple of weeks after my parents, then hopefully my brothers, TJ's grandparents, his sister, my sister, maybe some friends.... I'm excited about this now, but by the end I'm sure we'll be a little tired. :-) On the upside, I'll be more motivated to clean with so many people coming to see our apartment. I still haven't found curtains I've liked and that's the big thing I want accomplished before everyone gets here. I've been looking at Target and haven't been excited. I think I'm going to have to break down and go to a bigger decor store.

Well my wonderful husband just got home early! Happy weekend to us! (and all of you!)

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lucyhannah said...

Hope you guys are both back to 100% soon! Have fun with all your company:)