Thursday, January 27, 2011

I need a new profile picture.

Today I accidentally brushed my teeth with Buzz Lightyear toothpaste. Bubblegum toothpaste is not the worst way to start your day, my friends. But it does make me concerned about exactly how clean my teeth got.

So it's been big news here in town that this past Tuesday the three "massage parlors" got raided and at least 6 people were arrested for prostitution. The news report on one station reported a few men and women arrested for promoting prostitution, and the news last night on tv showed pictures of 6 women who were arrested for prostitution. It feels so strange to see their faces. I knew (everyone in town knew) what was going on in those places, and I tried to visit one of the parlors a couple of times with gifts, but they said no. A few friends and I resorted to simply praying. Do the words simply and praying even belong together? I think maybe I put them together out of ignorance and maybe doubt about how effective my prayers are. I need to have more faith that my prayers make a difference. Apparently the police had been conducting a 3 month undercover investigation, and then raided the places this week. I thought there were only 2 parlors, but there were definitely 3. So I've started praying for those women who worked in those places. Now they have to (first, get out of jail) find another job. I wonder if they have a community of friends and family, or if it is limited to the people they worked for/with. I'm praying God brings people into their lives to show them there's another way. Someone to tell them God loves them, and they have more worth than they think.

Tonight is our trip to the Manhattan Club, and I'm really looking forward to it. Every time I get butterflies in my stomach, but I can't wait to go. Please pray that we only say what God wants the girls to hear, that they would see Him and His love when we come to visit them for a little while. Please pray for wisdom and boldness when it comes to our conversations. I never want to hold back because of fear, but to have the wisdom to know when to be frank, and when to be more gentle. I'm really grateful to have the chance to be a part of a ministry like this. I don't know how long I'll get to do it, or be a part of it, but for however long we get to do it, I'm really really glad I did.

Please keep us in your prayers tonight.

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