Monday, January 24, 2011

"Lord, you are my light in the darkness. I carry you as a torch through the doors. I hold you out in front of me as I open my mouth. Your arms are my arms as I wrap them around bare bodies. These women are your brides-to-be. They are clothed in darkness, but I yearn to cover them in robes of rose-hued light. When I look into their eyes, glazed and distant, I search them for a glint of you. I want to imprint your image of woman onto their hearts so they understand mercy and grace. Lord, give me eyes that see and ears that hear your voice. Let my words be milk and honey to the wounds they bare nightly. Give me a picture of their innocence to wipe away the stains. Go to them Lord, woo them in the way they deserve. Reclaim these women, Father."

I wish I could take credit for writing this beautiful prayer, but it was shared with me by ladies from another ministry nearby. One of the volunteers with their ministry wrote this prayer and shared it with them. I think it's so perfect and expresses exactly how I feel about Cherished. This Thursday is our visit this month, and I'd love for anyone who reads this to keep the women and men we'll meet in your prayers.