Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Happy Valentine's Day to all. My poor Valentine is hiding in his room trying desperately to get better. I really really hope I don't get his illness. It just seems to be a really really bad chest cold, but as he almost never gets sick, it's kind of a concern about what it would do to someone with a normal immune system. :-) Somehow, I have escaped it so far.

On the House Hunting Front: We looked at another house on Friday, but no go. I'm going to send a realtor a list of houses we'd like to look at though, so hopefully we'll be looking at a few more this week. I found a house online that looks great and affordable, but the issue is that it's kind of in the country a little bit, and is north of Richmond, which puts TJ farther from work. All the other houses we've looked at have been in town. We'll just keep praying that God puts the right house in front of us and that we know it when we see it. And that we're patient until then. Which I think we're doing ok with. We both like our apartment enough to live here longer if we need to while we search for a house.

In other exciting news, Baby Keeling #2, Amos Keeling, made his appearance this week. We're taking them food tonight, and are really excited to meet him. I'm curious to see Siah with such a little baby. He's never been around one so new.

I think that's about it. I can't wait until I get my sewing machine, because today feels like a project kind of day. TJ's parents were so great and got me one for my birthday, but we haven't been able to find a day to meet up yet. It's probably best though, because I need to focus on cleaning my house. Maybe it's pregnancy, but my house never feels clean enough. Even when it is clean enough, I then think of the closet/cabinet/drawer organizing that needs to be done. That will be my favorite part of moving. Not only the organizing, but then getting into someplace with more storage space and a better system. Because stacks of boxes that get messed up every time you need something from one of them is making me crazy.

Off to clean!

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