Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Potty Training

I hate potty training so much. Maybe I should back that statement up a little bit. I really don't enjoy potty training. It could be a lot worse, Siah is doing pretty well all things considered, but I'm so ready to be done. The last 3 days I've put him in underwear and tried to get him to use the potty. The first day we had 4 accidents. Ugh. The second day we had 2 accidents, and today we've had 1 that might not count. So we are making progress. I'm still asking him if he needs to go, and taking him when I start to get nervous, but he's starting to ask me to go. The frustrating thing is that I know he knows when he needs to go. For a while he was asking me to go to the potty, but then I guess the excitement of it wore off and now he would rather keep playing with his toys. Fortunately, he doesn't like to be wet, so he tells me as soon as he has an accident. The one accident we had this morning happened when he came to me and said, "Potty". So I felt his pants and thought they were a little wet and that he had had an accident. So I took him to the bathroom, and told him to take his pants off while I grabbed a new outfit and underwear. I returned to find him sitting on his potty, fully clothed. He stood up and pointed down, and I realized that he had used the potty through his jammies. Apparently he forgot about pulling his pants down. So I'm starting to think that my original conclusion was wrong and he had maybe leaked before he went to the potty for real. Naturally, Mommy Guilt set in. My old friend. :-)

But now I am finally enjoying my cup of coffee - it has become so much more precious now that I'm completely down to one cup of caffeine a day, more on that some other time - and have decided to tell Mommy Guilt to beat it. We're doing fine, and we're just going to start over from now and keep going until Siah learns to do this potty thing completely. My mom keeps telling me not to worry, he'll be using the bathroom by the time he goes to kindergarten. Somehow, not so comforting. :-)

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