Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Much To Blog, So Little Time...

So this past week has been wonderfully insane.
On Friday we closed on our new little house in downtown Richmond, and spent Saturday moving in. My Mom came and helped me finish the packing of the downstairs on Thursday and then Friday and Saturday we packed up the rest of the stuff before our amazing friends came to help us move Saturday morning. 2 hours before everyone was supposed to come to start loading the moving truck, we were in the middle of a serious thunderstorm, but God made it let up just in time, and we had clear weather for the rest of the day. It only took us 3 hours to move all of our things from the apartment into the house, and I also can't say enough about Diana Trantham, Diane Mulikin and Ashley Sliver for helping me do some pre-cleaning before all our stuff came to the house. I never would have gotten it done in time. I have a serious problem overestimating what I can accomplish on my own at 8 months pregnant. TJ's parents came later in the day and helped us unpack and even did some work in our backyard gathering limbs! We are so blessed to have such great family and friends. :-)

Sunday church was great, we had 3 services and it was a wonderful Easter. We spent the day at my Mom's so we could rest and not feel like we needed to be unpacking more of our things. Mom hid some eggs in the front yard and Siah had a great time finding them all.

Then Monday it was back to unpacking - TJ took a personal day, and I'm so thankful. By the end of Monday our backyard and house looked TONS better. There's still plenty to do, but almost all of the boxes are unpacked. At least the ones that don't belong in the basement. And those need to be organized. But since I'm not allowed to really try to lift them, I'm choosing not to think about it. We're also planning to paint at least the living room this weekend (if the doctor tells me it's ok for me to be around the paint, as long as I'm not breathing it while the painting is being done) and then I can finally hang stuff on the walls! And we can get curtains! And it will feel even more like home! I don't know if it's nesting or what, I'm just so anxious to get all the decorating, unpacking, and organzing done right now. Which is not humanly possible with our schedules and my enormous belly/diminished energy. :-)

Tomorrow is a Baby Ballet doctor's appointment, and from here on out it's an appointment every week! We're almost there!

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