Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello Sunday

Last night was pretty rough with the little princess. I think her stomach was bothering her, because she woke up several times after only sleeping for an hour, which is unlike her. Well unlike how she's been for the last 8 days of her life. I wasn't feeling great myself, so maybe we were just reacting to the same thing. I also woke up feeling really sore, but after some of my pain meds I'm feeling a lot better. It's a new day, and it's going to be a good one. Today is the last day of TJ's time off, and he starts his new job in HR at Hitachi (formerly Tokico). He's really excited, and I'm really excited because with this job he gets (as I understand it) all weekends off! The idea of always having Saturday and Sunday with Daddy at home is really exciting for the Hood family. :-) I am really going to miss having him home all the time though.

Just an fyi, maybe don't let your almost-3-year-old go to sleep with wiffle balls in his bed. Josiah went to bed last night, and I loved listening to TJ pray with him and sing "Alleluia". But within 5 minutes Siah was crying and saying "owie", so we told him to come out and the poor kid had gotten his finger stuck in his wiffle ball. TJ actually had to cut it off his finger. I felt bad for him, but it was kind of hilarious. You have to be careful about laughing too much when you're healing from a c-section. But it was totally worth it. He is at such a fun age. We can tell him to go play in his room and then listen to him talk for his trucks. This morning one of them was Uncle Joe and the other one was Kelsey. They usually end up asking one another if they want to go play outside, or mow the lawn. These are his two favorite activities. While TJ's been home and putting him to bed, he's asked every night if they're going to mow the lawn tomorrow. Our lawn is looking great, by the way.

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Suzanne said...

Does Josiah have a bubble mower? You totally need one if not. Hope Baby Stella feels better soon! We never had a baby with reflux till Niah, and it is NOT fun. She still needs meds to get a full night's sleep.