Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am so excited - it's 8:25 and I am halfway through my first cup of coffee from my new coffeemaker! TJ's mom saw on my facebook that my old coffeemaker had died, and bought me one! I am immensely blessed.

This weekend has been great so far - this weekend TJ's Granny, Mom, 2 aunts and sister all came in to Lexington to celebrate Terri's (his mom) 50th birthday. I took Stella and Josiah up last night and we all ate at the Melting Pot, and today they will be coming down here to visit and check out our house (his aunts haven't seen it). So naturally, I've been cleaning and organizing like crazy. I also baked a birthday cake this morning and need to get that iced before they get here. But it's great to see them, and we're excited for Aunt Sonya and Aunt Donna to see the house (even if it is a work in progress!). On top of all that, Todd and DeAnn Miller & Co., who are moving to Richmond in September to be our associate pastor, came in for the weekend. On our way home I took Siah and Stella by the house and hung out for a while. Have you ever met one of those people who are just so attractive you want to hang out with them all the time? When you're with them, you have fun, you feel loved, cared for, and clean. Like you're hanging out with Jesus. I feel that way about the Millers, and I'm really excited they're moving here. I so long to be a woman like that. I want to love Jesus and follow him so closely that when people hang out with me, they get a taste of him. They feel built up and special. I don't think there's a special trick to it, just one of the perks of being close to God. I hope he rubs off on me that way.

I started re-reading This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti this week. It might be one of my all-time favorite books. Maybe if I was more intellectual I would like The Screwtape Letters more (and I do love that book as well), but for me, they both accomplish the same job. I am reminded how subtly Satan works in my life through things like Complacency, Pride, Laziness, and many others. I'm reminded that I am in the middle of a war, and prayer is not only vital and powerful, it is my primary weapon. Sometimes I feel like what I'm doing as a mother and wife may not be important, and I'm so thankful when God reminds me that it IS important, and I'm filled with a renewed sense of purpose.

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