Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So far this week...

TJ had the week of the 4th off, and it was an amazing week having him home. He did some great work on the yard and painted the kitchen (yellow). It's pretty bright, but now that I've adjusted, I really like it. We're not quite done - we're going to do an accent wall in some type of gray, and I want to get some chalkboard paint and paint a square on the wall for to-do lists and verses.

However, Monday night was not super great on the toddler front. I mopped the kitchen floor by hand that morning, and was very proud of how great it looked. I made spaghetti for supper and (like an idiot) left Josiah in his high chair with a bowl of spaghetti and a spoon while I fed Stella. Cut to 20 minutes later when I walk in to find the bowl of spaghetti all over my floor and dripping down the side of the refrigerator. He had left some of the spaghetti in the tray of his high chair and then dumped his water on that, making a nasty pool of goop for me to clean as well. I'm sorry if you disagree with corporal punishment, but Josiah got a serious spanking. He also didn't eat anything for the rest of the night until he decided he was interested in spaghetti. That took 2 hours, but it worked.

Tuesday was a great morning, we went to my Mom's and played by the pool, and then ate lunch with my Mom and Dad. Josiah had fun playing legos with Grandpa, and I got a decent start on a tan. Siah was better behaved last night, not perfect, but better. So we'll just keep at it. Stella has been great for the last couple of days, which is really nice. She's been consistently sleeping for a 4-5 hour block every night, and I like feeling like a real person. :-) She's such a fun baby, she's starting to be more alert and awake for longer periods of time.

Today's been ok - despite thinking I'd broken a toe and spending the day limping around our house. Mostly I felt ridiculous for tripping on Stella's bouncy seat that badly. :-) I had been planning to go on a walk, but since my toe hurt, I did my pilates dvd instead. Big mistake. I did almost 30 minutes and I'm exhausted. Time to get consistent and build my stamina back up. I did take Stella and Siah to play in the backyard for a little while and that was fun. Josiah doesn't really know how to play by himself out there - he's so used to working with Daddy on the house and yard he has no idea what to do out there all by himself. :-) He's so fun right now, even with the attitude problems he sports at times.

Well, here's hoping we have a great rest of the week (and I'm not too sore tomorrow)!

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