Friday, August 19, 2011

I think I overuse commas.

Yesterday started out great. Aunt Beth sent me the picture above on Pinterest, and it totally made my morning. Of course, Dynamite was then in my head for the entire day. :-)

The first bummer of my day came when the brand new breast pump I had been given (after a friend found out that mine had broken) didn't work. Maybe I wasn't doing something right. I've never used the 2-at-a-time kind, so I'm going to try again, but it was a major disappointment. Siah is convinced that it is an airplane, but I think that it looks more like the Starship Enterprise - at least until you attach the bottles and horn things. Breast pumps in general are kind of creepy and strange. Oh well. The freedom for a few hours is worth it. After finally giving up on that, I decided to attempt the t-shirt scarf craft project I had pinned online. We started out well. I found a cute green t-shirt that I will never fit in again, unless I can magically turn 12, and started cutting. The problem came when it was time to make it ruffle by changing the tension and stitch length on my sewing machine. It just wasn't ruffling as much as I had expected. So I started to make the ruffles in the traditional way, which takes a lot more time. Then my bobbin ran out of thread. UGH. So I had to halt my project, rip out the line I had just sewn, re-thread the bobbin, and then put it in the machine again. For some reason, I could not get the stupid thread from the bobbin to raise. I was seriously about to start crying, I was so frustrated. Which only made me more mad, because bobbin is not a good reason to cry. Thank God, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, changed my playlist to something a little more happy, and was on my way again. I decided to quit trying to do traditional ruffles, finish the project the way it is online, and be done. Of course, in the midst of all this sewing angst I have a toddler demanding more Mickey Mouse and Oso (a bear with apparently no skills whatsoever, but he learns how to do things like stand in line and pet dogs), and a baby that decided to have a fussy morning. Such a princess. But do I make things easier on myself and decide to finish tomorrow? Absolutely not. The project finally ended with a rather sad, limp (yet ruffly!) t-shirt scarf with TERRIBLE lines of stitches that could have been pretty if I had waited until I had green thread and taken the time to make sure they lined up well. My mom was super encouraging though, telling me to see it as a learning experience on how to deal with a very difficult fabric (thin stretchy knit). For someone who can be very insecure about a lot of things, I always think that I can sew anything quickly and beautifully, no matter what the project or fabric. Wrong. But I'm glad for the practice, and a new, very cute dust rag.

After getting my house picked up, some laundry done, naptime and a shower, my mood improved considerably. And today was gone much better. Stella's asleep, and I'm going to take Josiah outside for some "mow the lawn" time.

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Alisia said...

Yay for trying a new project! Ugh, ruffles are cute but usually such a pain! I made a ruffle scarf for a gift once and my thread broke right in the middle too! Why does that always happen? LOL! Happy sewing!