Friday, August 26, 2011

Cherished Outreach - August

Is it already Friday morning? I feel like this week and yesterday flew by while I was standing still. The outreach last night went really well, and it was so great to see what God will do and has done for this ministry.

This month we made chocolate chip cookies for the bouncers/bartender/dj and "Rolo Pretzel Bites" for the girls, wrapped in bags and tied with ribbon. We also took a note that said "You are Loved! Enjoy a treat!" to put on the mirror by the extra treats for girls that hadn't come into work yet. Andi Moore (those of you from VCCR know her as the girl who does the signing on Sunday mornings) went in with me for her first visit, and she did great. Everyone was comfortable with her and clearly knew she genuinely cared about them. We went in at 6:15, but there were only 2 dancers and 1 waitress there. We chatted with the guys (staff) for a few minutes and gave them their cookies, and I was able to invite the bouncer's wife to do a potential playdate soon! He acted like she would be very interested, so I'm excited about that possibility.

The 2 dancers there, "C" and "P", are two girls that I met almost 2 years ago when we first started going to the club. They've both been gone for different, not good reasons and are back now. They were happy to see us though, and we talked about how their kids are doing. P said that the night she got back she was asking the girls when the "church girls" had been there last. :-) At the end of our conversation we invited them to church and they seemed open to it. At the very least, they weren't put off by the invitation. I'm so happy to feel like we've reached a point where I can invite them to church/church events without making them feel that something might get shoved down their throats. With most of them, I think we're past any suspicion about our intentions. I'm so thankful God has opened their eyes to our - and His! - genuine love for them. Please keep them in your prayers, especially as school starts. The girls seem to have mixed feelings, not looking forward to college guys (who don't tip well or treat them well, as a group) but obviously wanting more business. One of the girls said her boyfriend didn't want her dancing, but she couldn't find a job, so I let them know of places I knew were hiring. Continue to pray for their dissatisfaction with working there, and a longing for God and a different life. Pray that they take us up on our invitation and come to church.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of this ministry. It is vital, and so encouraging.

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