Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look at me, regularly posting!

I know that two posts in two weeks doesn't really count as "regularly posting" but it's a start, people.

Yesterday was the best day ever. Maybe not ever, but it really really helped my life. To catch you up, I've been to the eye doctor way too much lately. I lost a contact a while back and that led me to get an updated prescription for my glasses. Then I found said contact and barely wore my glasses for a while. Then I started seeing "floaters" in my field of vision and went to have that checked out - totally normal apparently, and you just have to live with it. It's proteins floating in your eyeball, and sometimes you can see them. It's like having lint just float through your eye every once in a while, and you can't do a thing about it. Blech. THEN last week I completely lost my contacts. Woke up, went to put them in and my contact case was empty. I have cleaned more in the last week than usual, and cannot find them ANYWHERE. So in the meantime, I'm wearing my glasses, of course. The problem is, I start noticing that the glasses are not as good as my contacts. Everything more than 5 feet away starts to get blurrified. Which makes me utterly miserable. And our insurance won't pay for new contacts until January 30th, so that's when I'll go get more. I know that I shouldn't allow my circumstances to determine my mood or affect my peace, but it really did. I just felt like I was in a funk. Ergo, less posting.

But then yesterday happened. I finally was fed up enough to call Dr. Bizer's and ask what it would cost to re-check my prescription, because it's really that bad. (FREE!) So I dropped the kids off at my Mom's yesterday morning (so glad to say see ya later to a fussy, teething baby for an hour) and went to check my eyes. And thank goodness, it wasn't just me. They really were as bad as I thought. Dr. Swartzentruber told me I had had a drastic change in my prescription in just one month, and that she thought it was good that I lost my contacts. Her thought is that my (hard) contact lenses were re-shaping my eye in a bad way, and now that I'm not wearing them, my eyes are shifting back. So she gave me FREE contact lenses to wear for a few weeks to see if my eyes revert more. If they don't, we'll go ahead and get me new glasses, and if they do, we'll get new FREE contacts to wear until my eyes quit and we know what prescription my glasses need to be. This way I'm not getting new glasses every month. I was naturally concerned about whether or not my eye would just keep reverting until I was blind, but she said that wouldn't happen. She better hope not. :-)

So now I can see, and my life is better. I came home and did a bunch of cleaning because I could see the dirt more clearly. Happy day.

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